I've got an Android phone with Greenaddress on it, that I've been effectively using as cold storage. I've now put it online to get my BTC off it, and when I try the transaction (using a legacy address) it goes through two factor authentication, but when I enter the code it just says client too old!

There's no Greenaddress to update to on the Play store, so I tried installing 'Green' as it's by the same people, but it says there's no wallet!

EDIT: worse still, most of it is gone! Was it compromised?!! What can I do?

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I also was using Greenaddress wallet. I now use Blockstream Green (The website is https://blockstream.com/green/) After I downloaded/installed app, I used recover wallet and used the passphrase created when wallet was made in greenaddress. I now can see my wallet balance again.

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