I transferred an amount by the Moonpay site to the person who didn't do what I paid him for.

Moonpay.com page advises me to go to the police and share with them all the information I have about the scammer. Can I get any info of the owner of the bitcoin wallet?

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No, you cannot get any information about the identity of the recipient just from the Bitcoin address of the recipient.

Privacy was important to the inventor of Bitcoin and they made it difficult to trace participants in a transaction from just the information in a Bitcoin transaction.

If the recipient used a "custodial wallet" - an account with a business, rather than a normal "non-custodial" personally managed wallet, then some people claim to be able, in some cases, to identify the business who provided the account. But that business has a duty to protect the personal details of their customer. To get information from them might take a court order from a court in a foreign country.

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