I just created an account and spend a frustrating hour reading help menus and trying to figure out how to post or reply to posts.

None of the buttons -- New Topic, Reply, Quote -- seem to be showing up. Is there a verification step that I skipped?

I'm logged it. I get the "hello [user]" message on top.


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You should first make some posts on the Newbies forum. This post explains the restrictions.

Newbie Restrictions You can only post in the Newbie and Local sub-forums till you have 5 posts and at least 4 hours on the forum. The other two restrictions are you need 1 post to be able to send a PM and 10 posts to put a link in your sig.

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    You beat me to answering this one. Argh low hanging points.... Commented May 22, 2013 at 5:35

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