I'm trying to restore my old wallet which I had created on Multibit around 2016 and held a fraction of a bitcoin, as far as I can remember.

I have not touched the wallet for years until today when I found the Mnemonic words by chance. So I have downloaded the ancient Multibit client and restored the wallet. Now it is trying hard to synchronize the wallet. I have a decent laptop but the fan does not turn off while it is syncing. So I suppose there are lots of calculations involved. Though I have no clue what is that. In any case, it is so damn slow: after several hours only 20% is synchronized. Why?

I'm wondering why does it take so long? How long should I expect for it to be fully synchronized? and how much disk space will it need? I'm worried that it fills out laptop's 256GB SSD and still does not sync.

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As far as I remember MultiBit uses BIP37 bloomfilters to request data from full nodes. BIP37 was deprecated years ago and newer full nodes no longer provide this network service. According to Luke-jr's data, there are only 662 listening nodes that still provide the "bloom" network service. enter image description here

It may be slow, because your MultiBit client is having trouble finding a decent full node to serve it data. You might be able to sidestep this issue by importing the wallet into a different wallet, or by starting up your own full node of a sufficiently old version and connect your MultiBit to that directly.


Its downloading blocks of the blockchain and depending of speed it could takes 1-2 days

  • If I remember correctly, multibit was an SPV wallet using BIP37 bloom filters. If that's right, it's not downloading blocks.
    – Murch
    Commented Jun 28, 2022 at 16:18

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