i sent my wallet at coinbase to the sender today 355CXardXvii8T4MNbBaQbfJD7YQNdUf5a but the sender sent to a wrong adress 33 digits missing the 34th digit 355CXardXvii8T4MNbBaQbfJD7YQNdUf5

will the issue be solved and the bitcoin arrive in my wallet ? transaction was of 131,8 BTC

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355CXardXvii8T4MNbBaQbfJD7YQNdUf5 is not a valid address. It is not possible to send anything to it.

Who is the "sender" and what did you give them in return? This smells like a scam to me, if someone is claiming they accidentally sent to an address with a character missing.

Also, you're aware 131.8 BTC today is valued over 6 million USD?


Seems like scam to me too. Nevertheless the transaction does not go through as long as this is not a valid address.

BTW you should not post the real address here...

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