i transferred some coins to a testnet address 2MwP5KwNRsQV5cf3T7VcFU4Vhj2LcUeMiLM with a locking script just to play with scripts. the locking script is OP_1 OP_2 OP_ADD (always evaluates to true).

how can i get the coins from this address? (not for the coins, but to learn bitcoin script)

the address was made with bitcoin-cli decodescript 515293

  "p2sh-segwit": "2MwP5KwNRsQV5cf3T7VcFU4Vhj2LcUeMiLM"

(btw i know you can now claim the 1000 test sat, but please tell me how)

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Take a look at the section about spending a p2sh in the learning bitcoin from the command line course. It mainly refers back to previous sections explaining the single steps but I think your question is about the variables that you need to put into the signing-transactions-command.

In the example it says:

[...] signing requires entering extra information for the (1) scriptPubKey; (2) the redeemScript; and (3) any required private keys.

Here's the example of doing so for that P2SH-embedded multisig in §6.2: $ bitcoin-cli -named signrawtransactionwithkey hexstring=$rawtxhex prevtxs='''[ { "txid": "'$utxo_txid'", "vout": '$utxo_vout', "scriptPubKey": "'$utxo_spk'", "redeemScript": "'$redeem_script'" } ]''' privkeys='["cNPhhGjatADfhLD5gLfrR2JZKDE99Mn26NCbERsvnr24B3PcSbtR"]'

With any other sort of P2SH you're going to be including a different redeemscript, but otherwise the practice is exactly the same.

Does that help?


The scriptPubkey above is a P2WSH nested in P2SH.

In order to unlock this coin:

  • Put P2WSH payload into input scriptSig.00204a3babc5f8f8f5f67b6331c18931e6f198b6cf576b0f3747314d11dedddf97c5
  • Put P2WSH's witnessScript(redeemScript) into input witness. 515293


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