I already looked at the similar question - link and Genesis block but I have a different problem.

I am parsing transaction 39ed112558fd501424e3b33bbcbf853ef9f24536ef0f8e6fbad2f5c5098173ad which has COINBASE input and 1 output. Below is the output scripts


I tried parsing this to pull output address but am stuck. Below is what I performed

41 - Push(65)

I tried hashing and converting the value in stack (046669fa7aa0167f2ec25f903e331668bf2b8f51aba721cb0dfd7857bd03836397e4d7da5d21830fc92c4b5606c94b1882d532d0806817f37c9942ddd987dc0482) to Base58 and tried double hash but could not pull address 1FVJ9qoD9di6cXXi47SUsNN18SLzYMaunP . I know I must be doing something wrong/incomplete here but could not determine the issue.

Happy Holidays!


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This is known as a Pay-to-Public-Key (P2PK) output, because the public key is directly encoded, rather than the hash of the public key.

Bitcoin addresses starting with a 1 encode the hash of a public key. When the hash is used in the output rather than the key itself, this is known as Pay-to-Public-Key-Hash (P2PKH).

Thus, there is no address directly associated with this output traditionally. Deriving an address from an output like this is not intended to be done, and can be very misleading. However, it can be done following the steps on the Bitcoin wiki here.

  • Deriving an address like this can also result in loss of funds.
    – Claris
    Dec 25, 2021 at 4:30

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