I just started running bitcoin core on a dedicated laptop. I wanted to see if my node is connected to my Wasabi wallet so I sent some sats from Strike. In the peers list Wasabi shows up but under Network it shows Unroutable. Is that normal? What does that mean? Is my node connected? Am I sovereign?

I looked in my Wasabi logs and it showed that the block was acquired from a local p2p connection. I'm guessing that my node is connected. I just wonder about the Network being Unroutable. I appreciate the feedback. Thanks


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From the Wasabi docs:

There are two ways to confirm that your Wasabi client is connected to your own full node.

First, in the Wasabi logs. Once you receive a transaction Wasabi downloads the block containing that transaction from your node, and in the logs you should see: Block acquired from local P2P connection.

Second, by checking the connected peers inside your full node. Wasabi will show up as one of the connected peers while it is downloading a block. You can check this in the Bitcoin Core / Knots GUI by clicking on Window -> Peers. During the period when Wasabi is fetching a block, it will show up in the User Agent column. Alternatively, you can use the Bitcoin RPC call bitcoin-cli getpeerinfo and see the Wasabi client listed.



It's a bit confusing but it means "Local network".

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