I'd like to download all the blockheaders for the blockchain directly from the network (not an external API) ... what is the best way to do this?

I don't actually care about the transaction data and have no need for it, specifically, I need the difficulty level at each block, along with the timestamp. I know there are API's etc. to get this information but I specifically do not want to do that for my use case. I would not like to run the entire bitcoind service locally (there is too much overhead downloading the whole chain, verifying it etc.)

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You can make it with getheaders p2p message, will return headers of blocks in a range.
Remember of handshaking and setting tx-relay to false.

  • Thanks! This is what I'm looking for. Is there a C++ library that could handle sending/receiving the data?
    – user491880
    Commented Jan 16, 2022 at 23:47

A procedure for doing this using Electrum 4.5.5 on Ubuntu:

  1. Download the Electrum Python code (from here; https://electrum.org/#download ) and save to /your/path/electrum455

  2. Ensure you have the necessary dependencies (consult /your/path/electrum455/README.md, sudo apt-get install libsecp256k1-dev typical)

  3. Clear the file /your/path/electrum455/electrum/checkpoints.json (ensures all headers are downloaded, can be left if only recent headers required)

  4. Change directory to /your/path/electrum

  5. run Electrum using the command ./run_electrum and go through wallet setup

Electrum will now create a file called blockchain_headers in the ~/.electrum directory.

Within a short time <30 mins, the file will contain the binary block headers in order, that can be parsed.

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