I tried to withdraw from one utxo with the following command:

lightning-cli -k withdraw destination=bc1********** satoshi=******* feerate=normal utxos='["********":"0"]'

and I got the following output:

lightning-cli: Some parameters are malformed, cannot create a valid JSON-RPC request: { "jsonrpc" : "2.0", "method" : "withdraw", "id" : "lightning-cli-17786", "params" :{ "destination" : "bc*******", "satoshi" : ******, "feerate" : "normal", "utxos" : ["******":"0"]} }

Similar notation of square brackets inside of single quotes worked in fundchannel. What is the correct notation when it comes to specifying the utxos with withdraw?

P.S. I used * instead of the characters of the actual transaction in order to avoid doxxing myself.

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I'm sorry if this can be a little bit confusing, but the correct syntax is the following one:

clightning -k withdraw destination=** satoshi=** feerate=normal utxos='[{"********":"0"}]'

In particular, a transaction is an object, so the utxos is a list of transactions objects.

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