I have balance in bitnuxt.com site 0.67 btc, and when I want to withdraw the site says I have to deposit 0.002 btc so that the withdrawal can be done Anyone know about this site is scam or not ?enter image description here enter image description here

The answer,very suspicious. can anyone help? enter image description here

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https://bitnuxt.com/fee-schedule says:

Currency Depositfee Withdrawal fee Min. Deposit Min. Withdrawal
BTC 0.0005 0.0005 0.01 0.0003

Personally, I wouldn't use such a service, but the obnoxious fees are there in plain sight for all prospective customers to read.

Also, importantly, they would deduct that fee from your balance, not ask you to pay it in. This aspect makes it clear that someone is scamming you.

If someone helped you set up this account, you are definitely the victim of a scam

Websites with same claimed founder name

  • bitnuxt com
  • bitwire ltd
  • issuu com
  • bitkindly com
  • cryptonexer com
  • fastocoin com

and many many others. I think it certain they are all scam sites -- or, at best, all but one.


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