I'm using HD Address Generator to create an HD wallet:

let mnemonic = "voyage blind unit shoulder yellow attitude mule all hire above obvious swap"
let bip84 = HdAddGen.withMnemonic(mnemonic, false, "BTC", true, 84)

The object that I'm getting back contains the fields:

  • bip32Seed
  • bip32RootKey
  • accountXprivKey
  • accountXpubKey
  • bip32XprivKey
  • bip32XpubKey

I went over HD Wallets and Extended Keys, as I understand:

  • bip32XprivKey is the extended private key
  • bip32XpubKey is the extended public key
  • bip32Seed is the seed that is derived from the mnemonic

Does it make sense? Also, what are bip32RootKey, accountXprivKey and accountXpubKey?

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Assuming the 84 parameter means that you want BIP84 addresses then:

bip32RootKey: this would be the root EC private key
accountXprivKey: this would be the extended private key at derivation path m/84’/0’/0’
accountXpubKey: this would be the extended public key at derivation path m/84’/0’/0’

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