I created an HD wallet using Blockcypher API. I've sent to this wallet a total of 120,000 satoshis in 3 different transactions:

  • 50,000 satoshis
  • 30,000 satoshis
  • 40,000 satoshis

As I'm calling getBalance I'm getting a weird response:

enter image description here

I can see that the total received is 120K as expected. But for some reason the balance (and final_balance) is set to 40K, and I see that 30K were sent (I did not send anything out).

Any reasonable explanation? I was expecting to simply get 120K as the wallet balance.

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    That does sound like a bug or very quirky behavior on the side of blockcypher, since balance and/or unconfirmed_balance should line up with the difference between total_received and total_sent. Did you try using native segwit or something? I think Blockcypher may be lagging behind in some of that. Other than that you may find more help on their own Q&A or by their support.
    – Murch
    Feb 7 at 16:59


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