In a Tapscript Keypath Transaction (there is an unrelated Scriptpath too) I can have outputs to all possible address?

(I.e. to P2PKH, P2SH, P2WPKH / P2WSH and P2TR)

I have a list of addresses in all possible formats (including bech32(m)). How can I ensure / verify that the scriptPubKey is mappable to an address in this list?

The signing client has access to every part of transaction's construction.

  • I don't understand what you're trying to do. Mar 23 at 20:10
  • Based off the taproot-workshop on Github I constructed this Transaction: CTransaction(nVersion=1 vin=[CTxIn(prevout=COutPoint(hash=d66a46336b05c3f1550fd0983db887f4244570c06538cb05f68afed99d84ea71 n=0) scriptSig= nSequence=0)] vout=[CTxOut(nValue=0.49999000 scriptPubKey=0014a9d0682aaa00c327dbb3fd32c9dedcfcfbec1a69)] wit=CTxWitness() nLockTime=0) I want scriptPubKey to be matchable against wallet addresses in various formats
    – ByteFlowr
    Mar 23 at 20:35

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Solved with this answer and by looking how bitcoin core does it:


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