I've downloaded bitcoin core version 22.0. I created a wallet by this command:

[amirreza@localhost bin]$ ./bitcoin-wallet -wallet=test-wallet create
Topping up keypool...
Wallet info
Name: test-wallet
Format: bdb
Descriptors: no
Encrypted: no
HD (hd seed available): yes
Keypool Size: 2000
Transactions: 0
Address Book: 0

But I don't know how to find my public address (which can be used to receive bitcoin from others). I also tried using bitcoin-qt to find my wallet address but I didn't find anything.

I've seen this question but answers were not helpful to me.

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There is not singular "wallet address". A wallet is a collection of addresses, not a single address. You can get an address that your wallet will control by using the getnewaddress RPC, or by clicking "Create new receiving address" in the "Receive" tab of bitcoin-qt.

  • for every transaction I can use different address without any cost? if yes, there is no problem with anonymity in bitcoin. Am I correct? Mar 28, 2022 at 8:20
  • 2
    Yes, each receiving transaction can use another address. The anonymity problems start the moment you have to use 2 of your addresses as input for a sending transaction, which makes everyone aware of the fact that those 2 addresses are likely controlled by the same person.
    – Ingix
    Mar 28, 2022 at 12:05
  • 1
    If you're more interested in privacy aspects of using Bitcoin, you may find this wiki page interesting: en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Privacy
    – Murch
    Mar 28, 2022 at 15:32

Modern Account-Wallets are "HD" type, generated from a seed (mnemonic + passphrase), BIP32/BIP39 plus BIP44 compliant usually.

For privacy, no address should ever be re-used, you generate a new one for each transaction, or rather your wallet-client software does.

Ideally your account-wallet secrets (seed, xprv & privkeys) for spending are protected by a hardware wallet, which signs transactions generated by your watch-only (pubkeys & addresses only) wallet-client software.


People here are great but still the question was not answered. For instance, I created a new wallet (p2tr) and an address was also created, iirc. However, I only created this address for the experience of having a p2tr address. I never used it. Now, I woul like to try something with this address and I need to "get it out" of the wallet. I didn't save the address anywhere. So, the question remains. How do we get the address out of a wallet? I don't need nor want to create new addresses. I just need to get the one I created some time ago! Thank you Psy

Edited: A possibility to get the addresses out is:

Get the wallets from your Bitcoin node with the follwoing command:

bitcoin-cli listwallets

Then, get the labels from the wallet you're interested in, in case you have more than one wallet in your node, with the following command:

bitcoin-cli --rpcwallet=<MyWalletName> listlabels

Finally get the addresses out from the labels of interest, if more than one:

bitcoin-cli --rpcwallet=<MyWalletName> getaddressesbylabel <MyLabelofInterest>
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