I want to make a signature in bitcoin where the nonce and private are the same. For example, the private key is 0x1000 and the nonce for the R value is also 0x1000

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You can achieve this with The secp256k1 calculator.


Click on the Sig function from the menu in the middle.

Enter 0x1000 for the h,k, and private key values.

The result will be: R: 0x175e159f728b865a72f99cc6c6fc846de0b93833fd2222ed73fce5b551e5b739 S: 0x175e159f728b865a72f99cc6c6fc846de0b93833fd2222ed73fce5b551e5b73a Z: 0x1000

The calculator mentioned works perfect, it is awesome.

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