I was asked to provide my BTC addresss and accidentally provided my GRT address to receive funds, the funds were initiated to send, will this be a problem?

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    What is a GRT address? It would be helpful if you posted the address, or at least an example of a GRT address that has the same format.
    – chytrik
    Apr 28 at 5:19
  • Is GRT another cryptocurrency based on Bitcoin? If so, there is at least a small chance you might be able to get your GRT private key into your BTC app and use the same address for both. Apart from that small chance - nope! the money was permanently deleted! congratulations!
    – user253751
    Apr 29 at 14:47
  • Yes, GRT (The Graph) is an Ethereum cryptocurrency. Thank you chytrik and user253751 for responding. I also called Coinbase and the representative told me that it will likely get lost if I tried to send GRT to a BTC wallet but he said I would still be able to see the transaction. Sure, the money is lost in cyberspace, but I could still see it. That's what I was told. Does this make sense? chytrik the wallet address for my GRT is 0x609E0c2B8bb34AbE708201bD106D6E57265e0ce1. Apr 29 at 15:03
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    GRT/Ethereum addresses are nothing like BTC addresses. This doesn't make sense - you can't just send BTC to something that isn't a BTC address. Apr 29 at 19:39
  • Pieter Wuille, that's how I understand it too, but Coinbase said I can still see that someone attempted to send BTC via a GRT/Ehereum address vice versa... they said I can track it/see it but it's not retrievable. Does that make sense? The only reason I keep asking is because I'm second guessing what Coinbase told me. Thanks in advance for input! Apr 29 at 20:29

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Coinbase pools their bitcoin, so the bitcoins you deposit will never be the bitcoin you spend. Bitcoin core does not accept Coinbase transactions. Get a Coinbase wallet, then you can transfer your Coinbase funds to your Coinbase wallet and then to your Bitcoin core wallet.

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