Transaction has been suspended.

Your transaction could not be completed due to the lack of turnover extension on recipient wallet.

Be careful!

Turnover of your wallet is not fully verified/secured to accept such a transfer.

The reason why your wallet cannot receive a full amount without passing additional security checks is that these bitcoins previously were owned by different wallets/people and you completed the recovery process from them.

For such kind of transactions it is needed to pass additional security checks which are called - turnover verification.

Once your wallet is verified/secured, the transaction will be confirmed and released to your wallet automatically.

The Average time for transactions in the blockchain system is 120 minutes.

Balance: BTC 0.27811795

Needed turnover: BTC 0.27811795

Current turnover: BTC 0.21210696

Missing turnover: BTC 0.06601099

Balance online you can check here. Current rate can be checked here.

Let us know if you have any additional questions.

  • I have received very similar correspondence to this also from security@cryptosupport.agency however I’m reluctant to make deposit as confused by process /a couple of red flags. Was this from the same source ?
    – Alan
    Apr 30 at 5:27


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