I know there are a lot of services to look up if I have the wallet address or transaction ID. But, let's say I have no idea who the sender or receiver were nor a transaction ID but I know approximately or exactly the amount of bitcoin which were sent, and I know the approximate time period where the transaction was sent.

Is there a web-based service which would allow me to find matching transactions easily?

Similar to this question, Can you search a transaction by quantity? But the transaction wasn't limited to the last few hours, the goochain site recommended there appears to no longer be a blockchain search tool, and I really would prefer an online interface.

I am amazed I can't find a service that does this online. All the main block explorers I checked don't seem to have this as an option.

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Yes, you can use blockchair.com. One of their searchable data types is transaction outputs and they allow filtering both by time and amount (either BTC or USD): https://blockchair.com/bitcoin/outputs#


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