i try to generate list address bitcoin by code below but not worked, please help. Thanks

low  = 0x2C45E9017ED4 #2^250
high = 0x2C45E9017fff #2^251

def prv():
 while True:
    ran = (low,high,1)
def doublehash(s):
    return sha256(sha256(s).digest()).digest()
def hash160(s):
    return hashnew('ripemd160', sha256(s).digest()).digest() 
def doublehash_base58_checksum(s):
    return b58encode(s + doublehash(s)[:4]).decode("utf-8") 
def generate():
    private_key = prv()
    wif = doublehash_base58_checksum(b'\x80' + private_key + b'\x01') 
    pk = ecdsa.SigningKey.from_string(private_key, curve=ecdsa.curves.SECP256k1) 
    public_key = pk.get_verifying_key().to_string(encoding="compressed") 
    address = doublehash_base58_checksum(b'\x00' + hash160(public_key)) 
    return private_key.hex(), wif, public_key.hex(), address
private_key, wif, public_key, address = generate()
print(f"Private Key     : {private_key}")
print(f"Private Key WIF : {wif}")
print(f"Public Key      : {public_key}")
print(f"Bitcoin Address : {address}") 


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