I'm very new (as of today) to NBitcoin library, just trying to figure out how I might use it to develop some integration tests.

Ultimately my question is: How do I use NBitcoin with existing bitcoin core testnet?


I'm going through this example from the docs Alice sends through Bob through Bitcoin RPC And I'm confused (unsurprisingly) about the behavior I'm seeing.

It starts out like this:

            using (var env = NodeBuilder.Create(NodeDownloadData.Bitcoin.v0_18_0, Network.RegTest))
            // Removing node logs from output
            env.ConfigParameters.Add("printtoconsole", "0");

            var alice = env.CreateNode();
            var bob = env.CreateNode();
            var miner = env.CreateNode();
            env.StartAll(); //etc...

Then it proceeded to run for over 4 hours until I stopped it at ~15gb. I gather it was downloading an entire testnet node into the project folder which would be over 30gb.

2022-06-14T21:59:34Z Requesting block 0000000084cc951412348cf341a7ba90232248a280318d4f8bf740a8659074da (1668) peer=1
2022-06-14T21:59:34Z sending getdata (37 bytes) peer=1
2022-06-14T21:59:34Z received: block (216 bytes) peer=0
2022-06-14T21:59:34Z received block 00000000be752294d937ba5fe0ee228b01bf5b11e26691e44a6a3cfb50fe1018 peer=0

Then when I tried to restart it, I got an error that existing bitcoind instance was running and to kill it. Then when I restart it, it STARTED OVER downloading.

I understand it I guess, but it seems impractical. I never made it as far as the point of the example.

How do more experienced people set up their environment for use? Connect to a local instance of bitcoin core?




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