I have a service running on a server using bitcoin core that is signing transactions from a Bitcoin wallet automatically. However, if anyone were to get access to this server, they'd have access to the full Bitcoin keys.

Hence, I was trying to create a multi-sig setup using Electrum on bitcoin core as follows:

  • I started to create a 2 of 3 multi-sig in Electrum where my plan was to have 1 key in the server (bitcoin core) and 2 keys are in Electrum instances, i.e., I'd always have to come online to verify that the transaction is made correctly.
  • I managed to create two Electrum wallets and export their pubkeys to add them to the 2 of 3 multi-sig.
  • I got stuck on importing a pubkey from bitcoin core into Electrum. As far as I understand, bitcoin core does not support extended pub keys (How do I export an xpub from Bitcoin Core for use in BTCPayServer?).


Is there any way to import a pubkey for a single address from bitcoin core into Electrum?


I found posts on how to import xpub keys into core (Create multisignature wallet from xpub keys in bitcoin core) but I'm trying to do the opposite (pubkey from bitcoin core into Electrum).

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If you use Descriptor wallets, you can get the descriptors used by the wallet with the listdescriptors RPC. These descriptors will contain xpubs that you can import.

Without descriptor wallets, you can only get individual pubkeys from Bitcoin Core by using getaddressinfo for an address in the wallet.

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