Although FROST is primarily for threshold (k-of-n, k<n) key aggregation schemes (and MuSig2 doesn't support threshold) FROST can support multisig (n-of-n) key aggregation. So what are the upsides and downsides to both for multisig and when might you use FROST over MuSig2 for multisig?

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This is a work in progress answer (alternative answers are welcome as always).

You would generally use MuSig2 for multisig key aggregation as it has fewer communication rounds (2) and less complexity than FROST.

However, Jesse Posner highlighted a couple of benefits of FROST over MuSig2 at this Sydney Socratic. With FROST you can swap out public keys for other public keys or change the multisig scheme, say from a 3-of-3 to a 2-of-2 without needing an onchain transaction. So if you wanted to do this this might be a reason to use FROST over MuSig2.

MuSig2 and FROST could also be used together in the same scheme. There could be a nested MuSig2 setup within a FROST setup or vice versa. Additionally if you wanted to move from a MuSig2 setup to a FROST setup MuSig2 keys can be converted to FROST keys without changing the aggregate public key. That is discussed here.

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