I have a lightning node and have Pool running on it. I'm attempting to create an account in the lightning pool and I keep getting insufficient funds error. Not sure what is sufficient since I'm just setting up an account and have not attempted to rent or bid on a channel.

Here is my code:

./pool accounts new --amt=200000 --expiry_height=741895 --conf_target=6 -- Account Funding Details -- Amount: 0.002 BTC Confirmation target: 6 blocks Fee rate (estimated): 15.0 sat/vByte Total miner fee (estimated): 0.00002296 BTC Confirm account (yes/no): yes [pool] rpc error: code = Unknown desc = insufficient_balance

My LND wallet balance is:

./lncli walletbalance { "total_balance": "350656", "confirmed_balance": "350656", "unconfirmed_balance": "0", "locked_balance": "0", "account_balance": { "default": { "confirmed_balance": "350656", "unconfirmed_balance": "0" } } }


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