If i'm correct, i am pretty sure that signature data such as the scriptsigsize and scriptsig is stored outside the Tx_Data of a Bitcoin transaction. But then where is it stored? Is it in the block or is it somehow connected to the transaction-data?

Also, how is it possible that this Bitcoin included in the transaction can be unlocked if the signature data is external from the transaction?

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From the perspective of new post-segwit nodes, the witness data is part of the transaction data. It is serialized in a new field, after all the transaction outputs, before the locktime field.

However, this field is stripped out before relaying to old pre-segwit nodes. So from the perspective of those old nodes, the witness data isn't just external - it just doesn't exist. They don't care about the witness data, as to them, these outputs are the equivalent of "True": anyone can spend them without any signatures.

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