I have 5 btc encrypted wallet.dat, I want to crack it by using aes vulnerabilities like side channel timing attack etc. I want to know if the output of below AES KEY decryption will be same as decrypted mkey using password or will further may help to get private key ? (sorry for my english )

encrypted mkey- 3051608a94fc01faba1d49d4bda9e25ea46757e5c131f47a67d0f1873a9e02481db575e08a1ad20958caf6c4c69529deb7082ce050702dd2bc0700000000bcb8040000

AES key - 51608a94fc01faba1d49d4bda9e25ea46757e5c131f47a67d0f1873a9e02481db575e08a1ad20958caf6c4c69529deb7

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