Been running a standalone node on the same hardware for some years now. I run this node simply as a supportive node, unlocked bandwidth to facilitate people bootstrapping the blockchain. No settings have changed recently. I noticed in the last week or so that peer count has dropped drastically, from 200+ to less than 40. Peer count used to fluctuate 190-250, now it fluctuates 39-55ish.

  • A reboot of the router and modem did not change peer count significantly.
  • I deleted and re-assigned the port-forwarding rule to rule out some firewall malfunction.
  • Verified the port is open using a scanner from the internet
  • Reloaded UFW on the node just to be sure
  • using bitcoin-cli netinfo 4 I'm able to verify there are 30+ incoming connections spread over onion and IPv4
  • Speedtest on my internet connection is otherwise normal
  • Server disk/memory/CPU usage all well less than 50%

My current bitcoin.conf includes:


My questions:

  • has anyone else noticed a decrease in connections?
  • Is it possible my ISP is somehow throttling bitcoind p2p connections?

I understand that it doesn't really matter how many nodes I'm connected to, but when there's a sudden, drastic change not due to some configuration change on my part, I start to wonder what's going on and if there is some attack or issue with the p2p network.

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    I have not noticed a decrease in peers on my node. Is it possible that your IP address has recently changed and it hasn't fully propagated through the network yet? Jun 29 at 13:29
  • My IP address is essentially static and has been stable for a period of many weeks
    – Mike
    Jun 30 at 0:16


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