In the Bitcoin Core source code there is a function to check if a given transaction is a coinbase or not:

    bool IsCoinBase() const
        return (vin.size() == 1 && vin[0].prevout.IsNull());

Does it really need to check if vin.size() is equal to 1? Isn't vin[0].prevout.IsNull() a sufficient condition for a transaction to be a coinbase? Is there any situation that the later condition is true but we have more than one input?

The only reason I can guess is to avoid run-time error when vin is empty (so there is no vin[0]).

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A coinbase transaction is not allowed to have any other inputs, hence this check. Furthermore, because this check is part of consensus code, it is the definition for a coinbase transaction, so this ends up being a bit circular - the function says that a coinbase transaction must only have one input, and it checks that.


A coinbase transaction uses an input to store metadata. Some types of metadata are the block height and extra nonce. See:

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