I'm experimenting with signet by creating a custom network with a script of my own to validate blocks (signetchallenge in the conf file).

I started a mini network with only a handful nodes for now, but I noticed that they connect to each other if I tell them to with a addnode command (or in the conf file), but then they don't seem to do any network discovery.

To clarify, I manually connect A to B and C to B, but then B never seems to tell either A or C about each other.

As far as I understand peer discovery in bitcoin, nodes should periodically ask each others peer list with getaddr command, and then try to connect to new nodes. Is there a reason for this not happening on signet?

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getaddr will gossip addresses from peers.dat and addnode RPC does not save addresses in it. Using addpeeraddress instead could be helpful in this experiment.

  • That's interesting, I wasn't aware of that. Thanks!
    – Sosthène
    Commented Aug 4, 2022 at 7:55

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