a newbie bitcoin researcher here.

For my first work I need a local bitcoin network on which I have as much control as possible. I have a windows machine.

For example - I need to control the number of nodes, network structure, mining difficulty and preferably any other parameter there is.

I downloaded bitcoin-core, installed it and ran its test mode, but it still asks me to download all blockchain history. I had in mind a new bitcoin-core blockchain built from scratch, so I can control and understand everything. Is it even possible, using the bitcoin-core software? If not, how can I do this?



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Perhaps instead of running testnet you would prefer something like regtest? In order to do this, you can either run bitcoind like this: bitcoind -regtest or add regtest=1 in your bitcoin.conf file instead of testnet=1. This will allow you to spin up a private blockchain and you will have control over when blocks get mined

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