I installed bitcoin core pruned node today on my laptop. I want to connect my blue wallet to my bitcoin node I created with bitcoin core. I read somewhere that for it to happen I need to have electrum server. So can someone explain how to create electrum server with my bitcoin core to connect to my blue wallet

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You need to install an Electrum server from outside of the Bitcoin Core software, there are various options: Electrum Personal Server, electrs, ElectrumX.

Alternatively you may be interested in Bitcoin Wallet Tracker (BWT) which offers more options including a one click setup and Electrum wallet plugin option.

BlueWallet also provides some Electrum servers to connect to if you want to use those.

  • How can I connect my blue wallet to my bitcoin core prune node? Aug 15, 2022 at 16:52

I struggled a lot to connect Electrum <-> EPS <-> Bitcoin Core, especially 'cause of the .cookie path, the certificat problem, the configuration of config.ini and the cookie file of Electrum.

There aren't lots of helps on Windows. That's why i've decided yesterday to do a full-explained tutorial on youtube, which explains everything: how to do, how to resolve all configuration problems, etc... Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxiH8hG9G-4&ab_channel=ProfEduStream It's in french, but you can add subtitles on your own langage.

Hope it gonna help the community.

Bye đź‘‹

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