The file src/script/script.h defines a MAX_SCRIPT_SIZE of 10,000 B. Among other instances, the MAX_SCRIPT_SIZE is used in the IsUnspendable() check, which allows us to avoid adding outputs with excessively long scriptPubKeys to the UTXO set. It also causes input validation to fail if a scriptSig exceeds the permitted length.

A code snippet from the Bitcoin Core code base showing the use of MAX_SCRIPT_SIZE in IsUnspendable()

In the context of talking about this limit, I was asked and didn't know: "When was the MAX_SCRIPT_SIZE introduced?"

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It was introduced in v0.3.7, dated July 31 2010, in commit 73aa262647, titled "fixed segfault in bignum.h, additional security limits, refactoring -- version 0.3.7":

     vector<valtype> altstack;
-    if (pvStackRet)
-        pvStackRet->clear();
-    if (script.size() > 20000)
+    if (script.size() > 10000)
         return false;
+    int nOpCount = 0;

It apparently replaced an older 20000-byte limit (TIL!), which was introduced in v0.3.6, dated a day earlier, in commit a75560d828, titled "reverted makefile.unix wx-config -- version 0.3.6":

     if (pvStackRet)
+    if (script.size() > 20000)
+        return false;
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  • @bordalix Thanks, fixed! Aug 17, 2022 at 12:16

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