What is the best way to purchase Bitcoins quickly? I don't want to wait a month.

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    Depends on your location...........
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On LocalBitcoins.com you can get bitcoins bought under one hour. Just pick a trader who has good reputation (not a scammer) and low response times.


There's lots of information available here: How do you obtain bitcoins?

coinbase.com has a pretty good reputation I understand, and I find the interface to be quite cleverly designed.


Check out bitinstant.com

You can deposit cash and get btc sent to your email or btc address right after you pay.


It really is all about your location. In some countries, it's harder to get set up to sell bitcoins than other countries.

If you're in the UK, try one of these to get near-instant Bitcoins:


I recommend Coinbase. That's how I got my first 10 coins.

When I wanted to get my first coins I was already registered on Gox but wasn't sure how long international transfers would take.

I signed up with them and did the bank deposit verification method. I believe I verified the next day and bought 10 coins. I got the coins immediately but for anti-fraud measures I couldn't spend them for a few days (looks like on 8/20 the wait is 4 business days)

After being more trusted the buy limit goes up and your coins are available immediately.


If you live in the Netherlands, you can use bitonic.nl to purchase Bitcoins via iDEAL. You get them in a few minutes.


If you're in the UK then check out https://bit121.co.uk as they are a legitimate exchange with UK based banking. Most bank transfers within the UK are usually instant and you don't have to pay the higher fees when dealing with foreign banks.


Probably Ebay....From a trusted seller via bank transfer


Bitcoin is definitely in its infancy. I have bank accounts all over the world in USD, GBP, and CHF. I have accounts on Coinbase, BTC-e, CampBX, Mt. Gox, Bitstamp, LocalBitcoins, and others.

Yet, it is next to impossible to move fiat currency to these exchanges. In fact, I have only ever been able to buy bitcoins on Localbitcoins, thanks to the immediate transfer facility in the U.K. banking system.

For people who want to buy in USD, which is where the major exchange volumes are, there has not been a way to transfer USD to an exchange without a currency exchange, bank and exchange fees, and a long wait.

CampBX is adding ACH transfer on November 20.

Coinbase not only requires all bank and credit cards to be based in the U.S., they also require the holder to be based in the U.S. This essentially restricts Coinbase to the 4% of the world that lives in the U.S.

It is frustrating watching the volatile price action and being unable to trade because I can't get fiat to the exchanges.

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