Located an old crypto address on my old laptop prior to recycling - I have no idea what exchange if any - I have a number of passwords that may be associated with it, but have no idea where to start - any suggestions? The address / account looks like this (made a few edits). 8fe2e2e3-7f26-46ab-b181-e6831 eee36c8

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8fe2e2e3-7f26-46ab-b181-e6831 eee36c8

The only Hexadecimal numbers with hyphens that I recall seeing are the so-called Wallet-IDs provided by custodial services to account holders.

An example would be Simplecoin but I'm sure there are many more. I recall blockchain.com have used Wallet-IDs with a similar form.

I can't think of any real† wallets that use Wallet-IDs of that form.

See also

† self custodial, not requiring you to trust any 3rd party service.

  • Thanks Yes is was a blockchain.com account - - - password worked and my treasure hunt ended with a zero balance in the account. I was hoping to share fee with someone who helped me figure this out but the dream is over! thanks for the time and response - much appreciated. RP Sep 1, 2022 at 11:56

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