I have a full node running on windows 10, I have electrum wallet installed and I have BTC-RPC-EXPLORER set up.

The problem I have is that I can find no clear guide to setting up and installing a certificate so SSL can be used on the electrum server port 50002 so everything can actually talk to each other

I installed just about everything 'out of the box' and expected it to all work...

I guess I need to generate a certificate and then put files etc in certain places.. this must be something that most installations have done - but not documented.


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I almost deleted the question - but the answer maybe of use to others.

I have BTC Core running as a windows app, I have electrum wallet running as a windows app, but have electrum server running under node... and btc-rpc-explorer running as a stand alone EXE -- all on the same PC.

This problem was because I had forgotten to start the electrum server(!!).

So this issue is fixed, but I have a load more (the explorer isn't showing wallet balances - it says 'no transactions') -- but I'll post these in the best place I can find when I run out of ideas again...

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