I've been trying to transfer BTC to another address but can't seem to get the transaction right.

My address is https://www.blockchain.com/btc-testnet/address/mk3RhhbT1pGCtZnoYF856KpdsY1CdTmaNg

var network = Network.TestNet
var QBitClient = new QBitNinjaClient(network);

var key = Key.Parse("privateKey", network);

var toAddress = BitcoinAddress.Create("destinationAddress", network);
var fromAddress = BitcoinAddress.Create("address', network);

var balance = QBitClient.GetBalance(fromAddress, unspentOnly: true).GetAwaiter().GetResult();
var coins = balance.Operations
   .SelectMany(op => op.ReceivedCoins)
   .Where(c => c.TxOut.ScriptPubKey == fromAddress.ScriptPubKey)

var builder = network.CreateTransactionBuilder()
   .SendFees(new Money(0.0001m, MoneyUnit.BTC))

var trans = builder.BuildTransaction(sign: true);
builder.Verify(trans, new Money(0.0001m, MoneyUnit.BTC), out var error);

errors contain {Script error on input 0 (InvalidStackOperation)} {Script error on input 1 (InvalidStackOperation)}

What is wrong with my inputs? They are the first 2 transactions on the address and are all unspent. Another thing is that the last IN transaction on the address is not picked up by QBitClient.

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