I have a unique scenario where I'd like to:

  • Create a BTC wallet and add a small amount of funds to it.
  • Generate a QR code that contains the private key.
  • Then gift that QR code to a friend so they can import the BTC.

I'm basically trying to replicate something like a Casascius coin but I'm unsure of the exact steps to take in making all this work.

Could I simply put my 24 seed words into the QR and somehow the recipient could take ownership that way?

To clarify: I understand you should never give out your private key under normal circumstances. This is an exercise in figuring out how to gift an entire wallet that I would no longer personally use.

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Yes, you can encode the mnemonic phrase i.e. the "entire wallet" in a QR code. Most wallet software will not allow exporting a mnemonic as a QR code though since that often leads to bad security practises (e.g. taking screenshots).

I would suggest using BlueWallet since it's very easy to use and already encodes the mnemonic in a QR code for you when displaying the backup through ••• > Export/Backup.

The recipient of your gift simply needs to download BlueWallet and scan the QR code to import and effectively own the wallet.

However, you're not really "gifting" bitcoin here since you still have access to the wallet. There is no on-chain change of ownership. The recipient might want to send the funds on the gift wallet to one only they themselves have access to.

Personally, I think it would be best (and also the better learning experience for the recipient) if you just create a gift transaction to a freshly created wallet on their phone and explain what's happening along the way.

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    Exactly the info I was looking for, thank you!
    – Rob
    Sep 24, 2022 at 4:18

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