I've created a brand new lightning channel with two nodes.

I loaded the channel with "capacity": "1000000", but "local_balance": "999056". I know that "commit_fee": "614" accounts for some reserved sats for channel closing. But that still leaves about 330 sats unaccounted for. Where are these sats visible? Thanks

"channels": [
            "active": true,
            "remote_pubkey": "0340b6591708a3bc385aef0c69e6e618e5e3de0f66d923607f55ea035b71dedd47",
            "channel_point": "6ac2d8f922b0d1f2d5de39d2819777cb8bc40b6d8f6226211bbba34eada55965:1",
            "chan_id": "2582377880184815617",
            "capacity": "1000000",
            "local_balance": "999056",
            "remote_balance": "0",
            "commit_fee": "614",
            "commit_weight": "772",
            "fee_per_kw": "253",
            "unsettled_balance": "0",
            "total_satoshis_sent": "0",
            "total_satoshis_received": "0",
            "num_updates": "0",
            "pending_htlcs": [
            "csv_delay": 144,
            "private": false,
            "initiator": true,
            "chan_status_flags": "ChanStatusDefault",
            "local_chan_reserve_sat": "10000",
            "remote_chan_reserve_sat": "10000",
            "static_remote_key": false,
            "commitment_type": "ANCHORS",
            "lifetime": "24",
            "uptime": "24",
            "close_address": "",
            "push_amount_sat": "0",
            "thaw_height": 0,
            "local_constraints": {
                "csv_delay": 144,
                "chan_reserve_sat": "10000",
                "dust_limit_sat": "573",
                "max_pending_amt_msat": "990000000",
                "min_htlc_msat": "1",
                "max_accepted_htlcs": 483
            "remote_constraints": {
                "csv_delay": 144,
                "chan_reserve_sat": "10000",
                "dust_limit_sat": "573",
                "max_pending_amt_msat": "990000000",
                "min_htlc_msat": "1",
                "max_accepted_htlcs": 483

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But that still leaves about 330 sats unaccounted for

You are probably missing the anchor output contained in the commitment transaction in your calculation. Its value is exactly 330 sats.

Note: this answer previously incorrectly assumed it was due to the reserve not being part of the balance. It was entirely re-written.

  • "This is called the reserve. Your node will not show you the reserve as part of your balance (since you can't spend it)." This part is a bit confusing. My local balance shows 999056, but my local_chan_reserve_sat is 10000. My local balance is not missing 10k sats from capacity, only less than 1k sats.
    – user339946
    Sep 30, 2022 at 0:23
  • Hmmm right. I'm wrong, the reserve appears to be part of your balance here. Maybe you just made a mistake in computing transaction fees. I'll delete my answer to not mislead anyone else. Oct 1, 2022 at 12:16
  • Oh, you probably just forgot to account for the anchor output! I'll update my answer instead. Oct 1, 2022 at 12:20

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