I found a vanity address with this verified tool: https://github.com/JeanLucPons/VanitySearch

And now I hold my private key, with BTC I am used to only the recovery seed and I don't know what position I am currently in.

Can I get the seed somehow or does the private key replace it?

The primary thing I'm concerned about is I want to receive all funds in the store at my own address and I want it to be as secure as the address I get in any other wallet.

Thank you very much for your time.


I'm doing research, but this topic seems very complex to me and I'm afraid of getting something wrong and putting myself at unnecessary risk, but what I've understood so far: a private key is +/- the same as a seed except that the seed "controls" the entire wallet, while the private key only controls a specific address, so I should have the funds safe even now and no further steps are needed.

I imported the private key into Electrum and encrypted the file.

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Do not use vanity addresses from random bitcoin tools/libraries for anything serious.

Generating random private keys is difficult and sometimes old tools are vulnerable.


Can I get the seed somehow [...]


[...] or does the private key replace it?

Not exactly, they are obviously different things. However you need to keep a secure backup of the private-key in the same way you would the seed or seed-phrase.

I imported the private key

Remember that this key will not be restored by restoring your wallet from a seed-phrase (AKA recovery-phrase or backup-phrase). You will have to import it again. There is a risk you will forget or not take adequately comprehensive backups and lose money.

I want it to be as secure as the address I get in any other wallet.

You'd arguably have to inspect the vanity generator source code carefully and only run it offline on a machine that has never been connected to a network and which never will be (unless associated non-volatile storage is all carefully wiped - including unallocated space and taking into account wear-levelling where relevant.)

  • Thanks a lot for the advice, I was still figuring some things out and my current setup looks like this: generated address + seed offline in a clean OS and import this into the hardware wallet. And thanks to you I know that if anything happens to the hardware wallet I don't actually care about the seed recovery and I only have the seed stored offline in encrypted form stored in multiple places, does this setup sound safe enough?
    – Johnyk7
    Commented Oct 17, 2022 at 11:47

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