I am running Wasabi wallet on linux machine and would like to force it to use system tor service. Tor is being blocked by my ISP, but I have set up bridges for my system tor daemon, and it works OK. But Wasabi - does not.

It seems to me it starts it's own tor service and does not respects settings in system-wide /etc/tor/torrc config file.

Changing ISP or using VPN helps, but it is not the solution for me.

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There are several important pieces of information mentioned here:

  • Wasabi Wallet 1 is distributed with a specific version of Tor binaries but WW1 actually works with any version of Tor running on given operating system[^1].
  • Wasabi Wallet 2 is distributed with Tor binaries (i.e. Tor is bundled) and we actually always run the distributed Tor with non-standard port setting to avoid using any non-bundled Tor versions.

So to explain it in simple terms: Wasabi Wallet 2 uses a bundled Tor because WW2 requires access to Tor control protocol and because it makes sure that the Tor version is reasonably up to date. So Wasabi Wallet 2 deliberately does not use system-wide Tor.

I can see potentially several ways how to fix your issue.

For people without programming skills:

  • Open $HOME/.walletwasabi/client/TorLogs.txt file in a text editor and you should see a line Configuration file "/var/tmp/dist/tor/etc/tor/torrc" not present, using reasonable defaults. So maybe you can just modify this torrc file as you need.

For people with programming skills:

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    Great! The solution with adding custom config helped. The file was not present in that directory (and the directory also did not exist), so i just added a link to system torrc file like this: ln -s /etc/tor/torrc. Works perfect
    – zetroot
    Oct 28, 2022 at 16:36

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