Where can I find accurate data showing the average amount that people paid in miner transaction fees per transaction per day?

I found a chart titled Fees Per Transaction (USD) on Blockchain.com. I downloaded the dataset (csv) and calculated the average daily fee per transaction in 2021 to be $10.22.

But that doesn't make sense. I usually spend 1-3 s/B. If the volume is abnormally high, then maybe I spend at most 20 s/B. I don't think I've ever spent more than $1 for a bitcoin transaction in 2021, but the data on blockchain.com suggests that the day with the lowest average fee per transaction in all of 2021 was $1.51. How is this possible?

Why is the data reported by blockchain.com for average transaction fee per transaction so high? Where can I find accurate data that shows the average transaction fee per transaction?



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