Is there an easy calculator to determine the block height on a certain day?

i.e what was the block height on 14th October?

This was asked by JoeNakamoto on Twitter.

There is a related question on converting block height to UNIX time here.

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There is blockheightat.sh script included in my bitcoin-scripts (requires running Bitcoin Core). Examples:

$ ./blockheightat.sh 2022-10-14
$ ./blockheightat.sh "2022-10-14 13:37"

There is a script here from jsarenik that does this.

You can run it like this:

$ ./grepdate.sh 2022-10-14 

Alternatively there is a Google Sheets that seems to work.

Thanks to those on Twitter who answered.


You can also estimate it like this:

h = (t-1213787930) / 596.066637

where t is the unix timestamp as stored in the block header. And h is the block height.

These values were derived using a least-squares fitting over the last 160000 blocks.

Note that theoretically bitcoin attempts to make the factor close to 600, but in practice the value of 600 is not reached.

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