In Core-Lightning, the default value for our_to_self_delay is set to 600. How do I change this value?

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In Lightning the to_self_delay parameter is influenced by your peer. When a node opens a channel to yours, they advertise the minimum they are going to accept.

On Core-Lightning you can set the minimum value to request from peers with the watchtime-blocks option. You can learn more about this option in the lightningd-config manpage or at the online documentation. By default this value is set to 144 (1 day).

The value of your own to_self_delay will depend on your peer. The maximum value a Core-Lightning node will accept can be modified using the max-locktime-blocks option (same manpage as above). By default this value is set to 2016 (2 weeks).

Just to emphasize: the default value for the our_to_self_delay on Core-Lightning is not 600. You must have picked this from one of your channels, where your peer requested a minimum to_self_delay of 600. Since this is below the 2016 cap set by default, your Core-Lightning accepted to create a channel with this parameter.

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