I created a mnemonics and it is hashed using pbdkf2 function to get a root seed. So this root seed should be hashed again with HMAC-SHA512 to get the master key (Master private key and chain code). So for a HMAC-SAH512 we need a key and data, so in this case what should be the key? Data should be the root seed and what should I give as key in hmac function.

I gave "Bitcoin Seed" as key and generated a hash, but it is not matching the output showed on Ian Coleman's bip39 website.

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The BIP32 Root Key described on iancoleman tool is called master node, serialized in base58.

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The HMAC function needs a key (the string "Bitcoin seed" encoded in bytes), a data (the seed) and the hash function (sha512).

In python, it looks like:

master_node = hmac.new(b'Bitcoin seed', bytes.fromhex(mseed), digestmod="sha512").digest()


  • version = '0488ade4'
  • depth = '00'
  • fingerprint = '00000000'
  • index = '00000000'
  • private = first 32 bytes of master node
  • chaincode = last 32 bytes of master node

Sum, checksum, encode everything and you'll get there.

Follow the steps of chapter 5 -> https://learnmeabitcoin.com/technical/extended-keys

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