I would think that bitcoins would be a great fit for websites that allow for gambling, and with Texas Hold 'em being such a big card game it seems that a Hold 'em site might allow players to use bitcoins to fund their accounts. Does anyone know of a reputable poker site that accepts bitcoins?


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The best resource to look for a poker site is the gambling section on bitcointalk.org. There are a lot of smaller sites advertised in that section of the forums trying to cater to the poker players who want to use their bitcoins.

I think I've also seen people will to trade bitcoins for money on bigger poker sites, but I do not believe any major sites accept bitcoins directly at this time.


SwitchPoker.com, Sealswithclubs.org, btcontilt.com, and betco.in have Bitcoin Poker.

  • The site that I like most right now out of those is Seals With Clubs. Oct 5, 2011 at 2:54

I have used BTC On Tilt a few times and I like it. They have a nice interface and constant free rolls during the day.

  • I just went over and created an account at BTC On Tilt and I like it so far. Thanks. Sep 22, 2011 at 4:21

Check out the GAMES section on http://stuffexists.com/

It shows:

BtcOnTilt.com , BitJack21.com , StrikeSapphire.com , BitWorldPoker.com , Betco.in , SealsWithClubs.org


as of this writing there is only one site to play bitcoin poker on, and that's sealswithclubs.eu - they have games running almost all the time / very fast cashouts / no contest


Switch Poker is a real money poker site, and it accepts bitcoins:

Switch Poker


I'd second http://betwithbtc.com/ as a good resource for gambling related bitcoin sites.

Along with the bitcoin centric poker sites mentioned in other answers switchpoker.com takes bitcoin as a payment method along with other more traditional payment methods.

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