LND v0.15.5-beta

In my lnd.conf file I have the following lines:


When I try to open a channel using lncli, I get the following error message:

$ lncli --sat_per_vbyte=1 --remote_csv_delay=144 --node_key=XXXXXXXX --local_amt=1500000 --push_amt=750000
[lncli] rpc error: code = Unknown desc = CSV delay too large: 180, max is 144

Apparently, it bases its CSV delay value on the size of the channel. Is there any way to override that default? None of the settings or parameters I have tried has worked.

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It is difficult to answer this without more information about your setup and your channel partner, but I suspect this is because your channel partner wants a delay of 180, but you've set a maxlocaldelay of 144.

Per the sample conf file from LND:

; The maximum number of blocks we will limit the wait that our own funds are
; encumbered by in the case when our node unilaterally closes. If a remote peer
; proposes a channel with a delay above this amount, lnd will reject the
; channel.
; bitcoin.maxlocaldelay=2016

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