I have P2SH wallet keys from block io backup. The keys and the redeem script example:

BIP32 Public Key:

BIP32 Private Key:

BIP32 Derivation Path: m/i/0

Primary Public Key: 0236e9c18411163****************************************ea43e4c048d

Primary Private Key (WIF): KzFw2RvM****************************************hYxV

Primary Private Key (Hex): 5aa7ab****************************************d6bc6d5dbee2a14ef8

Required Signatures: 2

Redeem Script Format: 2 <bip32_public_key_at_node_i> <primary_public_key> 2 OP_CHECKMULTISIG

I want to import them into Bitcoin Core to spend (from all the wallets derived on that key).

If it's not possible I would like (if I can) to create a raw transaction with multiple inputs derived from my xprv key and also using the redeem script

As I understand if it was not a P2SH wallet I just could import my BIP32 Private key, set BIP32 Derivation Path and ready to go. But because it's P2SH I need to use Redeem script and there is no such options in GUI.


I've tried to:

  1. Create a new (legacy, not Descriptor) wallet in Bitcoin Core; downloaded full blockchain
  2. Add multiple wallets using console and some Python magic (changed bip32 public key on the derivation path)
"addmultisigaddress ___bip 32 public key from xprv on bip32 derivation path 0, 1, 2, 3.. 100 etc___ ___primary public key from backup__  __label__ p2sh-segwit"

Still not being able to spend Bitcoins I googled and found that maybe I need to add also these addresses with "importaddress" and sync at the end

  1. So every address that I've previously added with "addmultisigaddress" I've also added as "importaddress" and did sync in the end.
"importaddress 3*********************************"

Now I was able to watch my balances but still can't spend


What can I do now?


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