I had 2 wallets long time ago mined on bitcoin core can’t remember JSON that well or what my wallet descriptors was. I did use bip 39 but not giving me my addresses back on electrum wallet please help I have a p2pkh

There’s other ways in I just don’t remember right off hand yet. But I do know I might of backed it up on blockchain but it’s been along time ago and don’t remember the steps

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Bitcoin Core wallet JSON Format

Are you sure it was Bitcoin Core? Bitcoin Core doesn't store the wallet in JSON format, it typically stores wallet data in a file named wallet.dat which has a non-text data format (Berkeley DB, but some other data files are LevelDB). See What do the different .dat files contain?

You can produce JSON output from Bitcoin Core's command Line Interpreter (CLI) but that wouldn't be an actual wallet.

There are other wallet programs that store wallet data in JSON. For example version 2 of Electrum.

I did use bip 39

Bitcoin Core does not support BIP 39 - See Is there a reason to why Bitcoin Core does not implement BIP39?

Early versions of Electrum had a different seed-phrase system but you can use BIP 39 with current versions of Electrum so long as you first tell Electrum that the seed-phrase uses the BIP 39 system.

You can check your phrase against various word lists to help identify it. See Identify Wallet based upon word phrase

not giving me my addresses back on electrum wallet

You also need to make sure you are using the same "derivation path" that the original wallet used. See Default derivation paths

You might also need to increase the "gap limit". See Bitcoin address gap limit

I might of backed it up on blockchain

If you mean the blockchain.com business, You'd have to talk to them about recovery. See 16 word recovery phrase for blockchain wallet not working as well as I have forgotten my Blockchain account password and 12 word recovery. I have the wallet id and password to the wallet. Can i get my funds back?


If you only have the P2PKH (the public address) you won't be able to access it anymore.

Bitcoin Core stores wallet information in a .dat file. If you retrieve this file you could restore it in a fresh Bitcoin Core installation. The .dat file is located in "Bitcoin Core installation folder/YourWalletLabel/wallet.dat".

If you uninstalled Bitcoin core a while ago and didn't save that anywhere, I'm afraid the account is forever lost.

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