memo BOSA [email protected]
4:35 PM (4 hours ago)
to marszaleknowiny

My name Lisa Davis, I am senior director of Bitcoin Bonus
Evening late (the day before) you received an automatic smessage from us about the status of your wallet.
We would like to remind you that you authorized with us 1 year ago ≈375 days ago,.
Your account and the server capacities you have reserved have been working all year
You have 1.48283 BTC saved in your account, which is equivalent to 29,383 at the current exchange rate. Please note that our company is currently changing its legal status and reorganizing into a new legal entity. According to our company rules, if a client does not withdraw his earned money within a year, his account can be blocked.

You urgently need to activate your account and withdraw money .

We can see that you have already tried to withdraw your funds and were unable to do so.

Most probably, the possibility of paying by credit card is not available in your country, so we can offer you the possibility to pay by Bitcoin .

Please be reminded that after 21:11:32 your account may be blockedk5iNCOi99.

To withdraw funds login to personal account.
Details, in attached to the letter file

If you ignore our message
And you will not make transfer within 23:55:121 .
Your account will then be blocked and your funds will be zeroed.

Sincerely, bitcoin bonus

More details about registration:
Sender: 7258****9964
Authorization code: 21985027
P/C: 15472257731844658768581689
TIN: 739228900547
BIC: 2340083637959
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Its spam, aiming at getting the unwary scammed. Mark it as spam and delete it. Its a variation of the old "someone died and we need to give the money to someone" scam.

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