1. Launched my own Bitcoin Core with regtest.
  2. Installed Specter and made it connect to that node.
  3. In Specter, I created a new bitcoin wallet, basing it on the bitcoin core hot wallet.
  4. In Specter, I exported an extended public key:


  1. Now, when I try to getdescriptorinfo with bitcoin, it says: "key 'vpub5YK...' is not valid".

  2. The argument values I tried for getdescriptorinfo are:

    6.1) wpkh(vpub5YK.../0/*)

    6.2) wpkh([cf308846/84h/1h/0h]vpub5YK...)

    6.3) combo(vpub5YK...)

Either I am doing someting wrong, or bitcoin core 22 simply does not understand SLIP-0132 addresses.

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The supported key expressions in the descriptor language are:

  • Individual public keys in hexadecimal
  • xpubs as defined in BIP32, possibly followed by a key derivation path
  • Individual private keys in WIF
  • xprvs are defined in BIP32, possibly followed by a key derivation path

The zpub/ypub/vpub were extensions designed with a similar intent as the descriptor language itself, trying to convey how the keys are to be used. That role is more completely covered by e.g. the wpkh() you're using, so no need to add it to the public key encoding.

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